Believe it or not you can also name TIME in any way you want. Suppose you need a term called ONE KINGKONG YEAR to say a thousand billion million years. You can go ahead and name that. But do you really need it? Will you really use it? If put in use how many people will need this term. There might be a council to decide this for what terms are more generally used. They also make sure that these terms are imaginable and conceivable by the human mind.

All I am saying is TIME is a term which gives meaning to your instincts, constraints you daily activity, plans your life, syncs up other’s instincts. NOW TIME has become so great that our instincts have to sync up with TIME, so that everyone follow the general rule. TIME is a very big term, there might be know start or no end as the humn mind can think of. So you simplify it such that it can be of use to a normal human being.


IF YOU SAY PRESENT. you have already gone through all three of them HOW? When you were about to say “PRE”, that maybe the PRESENT. When you were about to finish “PRE” and start “SE”, you may have been in the present now, but “PRE” is past now and “NT” is the future.When you were about to say “NT”. you have already thought “NT” in your mind. and what goes on after saying”SE” and before saying “NT” that may be the future.and “PRESE” may be in the past and when you spell out “NT” that might be the present and you are already for the next word.

I was walking down the streets towards the market, casually going through the fresh vegetables. Suddenly I tried an experiment.

Everything would seem stolid

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What if was from a different planet who has come to earth on a school assignment, the topic being “Why human beings are human beings and not any other species”?

I witnessed a lot of human beings in the market, some buying, some bargaining, some fighting, some happy, some dissatisfied. Why am I a human being and why should I walk through the streets experimenting people, Why should I have the ability to talk and think more than the other species. Out of the 1,84,000 ( I chosen to be born as a human. Why are you chosen and why are you reading this?

These are some of the questions that raise through my so called brain. There must be some reason behind this. There is a higher being above us who constantly takes care of creation and the super infinite being is responsible for selecting me as a human. Why? Because I am the ONE. the chosen ONE.

We are all the chosen one. Each one is embedded with different characteristics, skills, mindset and body. We are born in this earth to do something. To help our fellow beings in some way. We are not here to waste our time. Human species is a wonderful creation and GOD takes pride in it. So GOD selects a particular soul to be a human only if one has the right privileges. One must have done something super good in the past lives as other creatures. Being a human is a reward in itself. Being a healthy human is an added advantage.

We are all sent to earth, each with a different purpose. Each one’s destiny is already charted out. Its only that when if we achieve something, we feel great that we have changed destiny. Its a simulation that GOD provides. If you don’t choose to take the path of what destiny has provided that itself is your destiny. Each one contributes to the society in some way. Some are doctors, engineers, industrialist, sports person, movie star, Law breakers, Law enforcers and the list goes on. When you take you and your profession, you are also contributing to one unit to build the future. But there must be a balance in this. What happens if world is only full of engineers, there is nobody to save precious lives. What happens when the world is full of Law Enforcers, there would be no theft, no job for the Law enforcers and eventually no news and no Information.