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Which of the following will NOT appear in a cash budget?

Question 178. : Which of the following is not a step for successful implementation of the budgetary control system? (A) Budget manual (B) Budget controller (C) Budget period (D) Budget standard Answer: (D) Budget standard

Question 179. : Assertion (A): The purpose of performance budgeting is to focus on work to title loans in Nebraska be done and services to be rendered. Reason (R): The main purpose of performance budgeting is not to interrelate physical and financial aspect of every programme, project or activity. Select the correct answer from the options given below. (A) Both A and Rare true and R is correct explanation of A. (B) Both A and R true but R is not correct explanation of A. (C) A is true but R is false (D) A is false but R is true Answer: (C) A is true but R is false

Question 12. (A) Machinery bought on hire purchase (B) Depreciation of machinery (C) Sales revenue (D) Wages Answer: (B) Depreciation of machinery