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AQUARIUS and all sorts of present moving significantly to own delight to your voice of your tom-tom

[From inside the frustration Bro. CAPRICORNUS EMISSARIUS glides into forehead and you may covers behind the fresh new veil, where the guy takes away his disguise and you can would wear his moving robe.]

[The guy rises and you will circumambulates the latest forehead widdershins. CAPRICORNUS plucks onward all third person and means they are realize your, persisted this step up until that merely are leftover. To this you to definitely MAGISTER TEMPLI tackles the latest allocution, when he hales your onward.]

[He places veil discover, exhibiting the latest empty shrine. Bro. CAPRICORNUS EMISSARIUS must have well dissumulated themselves to ensure that he or she is not found. MAGISTER TEMPLI pulls veil once again. CAPRICORNUS generates the newest light.]

Area IV

Right here, where in actuality the world is hushed; Here in which the difficulties appears Deceased winds' and you will spent waves' riot From inside the suspicious hopes for ambitions; We observe the fresh eco-friendly job growing To possess enjoying visitors and you may planting, Having secure-some time mowing, A tired world of channels.

I'm fed up with tears and you will wit, And guys you to definitely make fun of and weep; Away from what tired off weeks and times Blown buds and you can bare plants, Wants and you may desires and you can powers And you can everything you but bed.

Right here lifestyle features dying to have neighbour, And far off eyes or ear Wan swells and damp gusts of wind labour, Poor vessels and you can comfort direct; It push adrift, and you can whither It wot not which build thither; However, zero such as for instance gusts of wind strike hither, With no may be grow here.

Zero growth of moor or coppice, No heather-flower or vine, But bloomless buds of poppies, Environmentally friendly grapes out of Proserpine, Soft beds out of blowing rushes Where zero leaf flora or blushes Rescue that it whereout she crushes To have dry boys deadly wine.