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step 3. Alan Louise Shepard: Hitched Up to Demise Hands down the most criticized couple of the group, mostly for Alan's indiscretions and Louise's grace and poise in the face of it all. While most people jump to the conclusion that she was acting (while silently in torture) or that they weren't happy, that's just not the accurate picture. Of course Louise was not fond of her husband's indulgence but she understood and respected it. Unfortunately, some men just have incredibly high testosterone and a problematic necessity for a release. Louise was able to overlook this and still be a devoted and supportive wife to her husband because she knew that it was not personal. Alan had much more rock star status then the other Mercury astronauts because he was famous for being the first American man in space. He was a top man and though it may not seem like it to women, he genuinely loved and respected his wife. For him, the cookies were just random treats and he did not indulge in mistresses or emotional affairs.