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Why feet fetishes are common and the ways to discuss the sexual appeal with someone

Present look prices you to regarding one in seven, otherwise 14%, of men and women had at least one feet-related intimate fantasy, making ft fetishes one of the most prominent intimately well-known human body pieces and genitals.

A leg fetish can be sets from a sexual fixation toward someone's shoes to feeling sexy at the idea of someone pressing, drawing, or otherwise fingering the feet.

But as to why foot? It is far from such as these are typically alongside the pussy. As it happens, you will find some reason feet fetishes are incredibly well-known, and it all begins regarding the mind.

As to why legs fetishes are so prominent

A good fetish is actually a would like or fascination with an item, body part, otherwise hobby for intimate excitement. This may include a look closely at certain things, such as for example high heels or rubber, otherwise non-vaginal body parts, such feet, aka podophilia.

Podophilia most likely originates from a particular quirk in the area of your brain called the somatosensory neurological system.