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At exactly what era are a woman regarded a cougar?

I’m attaching a 2nd matter to this: When a man achieves that get older, understanding he called?

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    I can’t respond to the first.

    For your 2nd I posit: Eponymous Hipster.

    eponymoushipster . . .we agree dammit should indeed be one-word.

    it is not the age. In the event that lady possess adolescent young ones, she’s a cougar.

    For men? I’d refer to them as “Charlie Sheen”.

    I can’t answer one concern nevertheless reply to the second reason is “dirty old-man.”

    I’m 23 and courting a 31 12 months old….. do that count?

    Some individuals state women over 30 while others say over 40 or higher 50 thus I’m inquisitive just what Jellies produce, cool concern!