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Awareness raising campaigns on the importance of birth registration were taking place in the rural areas

The delegation said there was indeed a disparity between the urban and the rural set up for birth registration, with efforts being made to breach the gap. There had been a strain on the birth registration budget, but steps were being taken to pool resources in this area.

For girls who did not wish to take an academic pathway, an alternative vocational pathway was availablemunity skills centres had been established, which allowed girls who had not progressed academically to undertake an alternative pathway. Zambia had made strides in terms of corporal punishment, and there had been a revision of the training programme for school guidance and counselling teachers. These professionals were now more focused on psycho-social counselling, with every school now having a guidance and counselling section.

Questions by Committee Experts

A Committee Expert asked how many health workers had undergone training when it came to children in general, or more specifically children's rights?