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This woman is fixated into getting the love of member since they are the actual only real "real" thing in the woman life

Even after Monika's hopeful ideas regarding the Literary works Club, it becomes even more visible you to she is in reality sad and you may alone, down seriously to being aware that their whole world is only a simulation; a simulation where she can't actually go what exactly is believed "happiness" (we.e. with the girl route done). Monika's steps are also inspired of the the woman desire to escape the brand new torture she endures if in case anybody quits the overall game, once the whenever that takes place Monika was involved in the an excellent hellish void of music, lighting, tone, and you will shouts, not able to disperse or even envision. This is certainly said throughout the Monika's Cam when you look at the Work step 3.

She will believe that the main character does not exist, and therefore she only loves the ball player on their own

Once deleting Yuri and you may Natsuki's documents, Act step 3 will happen, in which she brings a scene on her and the player, she'll describe her motivations regarding the her love toward pro.