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It was a new field, the one that is actually somewhere between people and you will college or university-age women

The word ‘teenager' is coined during the 1941, and Seventeen magazine posted its first topic when you look at the 1944, revealing more youthful teenager-targeted outfits and you may passion. Young ones were obsessed with crooner Honest Sinatra, strung away at soft drink fountains, and you can danced all day so you can jazz and you may swing sounds. 1940s adolescent developments shown new, carefree outlook on life.

Certain six,one hundred thousand,000 U.S. teen-age girls inhabit a world each of their very own - a gorgeous, homosexual, eager, funny and blissful neighborhood almost unblemished of the war. It is a world of sweaters and you can dresses and you can bobby sox and you will loafers, regarding locks worn enough time, away from vision-mug tires coated purple which have nail polish, out-of senior school boys not even gone to combat. (Check out the article here.)