BGClive review

In terms of quality and you can surface, this new HEM8 supplies a comparable top-notch trout on 2

New mid-range speech is also other, with the HEM8 providing a crisper but still darkish tone so you can proceedings, which have a similar become regarding outline

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 – this is actually the former flagship of your Aurisonics ASG show, homes a single fourteen.2mm active driver and you can twin well-balanced armatures to manage the fresh new large frequencies, and will already be obtained to your FS chatrooms to own an effective comparable speed just like the RRP of your own HEM8. While the an immediate evaluation, the new ASG-dos.5 is much more able to on bass, with the high 14.2mm dynamic driver and tuneable bass ports enabling people alot more middle and sandwich trout versus BA settings of your HEM8 can perform. 5 regarding the middle-bass region, that is epic as a result of the pedigree of your 2.5. Where they manages to lose away is within the sub bass, on the dos.5 providing much deeper expansion and sub trout rumble, rather than actually ever clouding all of those other soundscape. In terms of the mids, the new HEM brings a demonstration this is not just as submit just like the the 2.5, but delivers a comparable quantity of feelings and you will structure towards the dos.5, which will depend on your preference to possess vocals concerning that's finest. Treble is a little a whole lot more sparkly and feels most readily useful lengthened because an effect versus weighty but “matte” sheen of your own HEM8 presentation. Isolation and you will ergonomics is actually pretty also, to your reduced and you can lightweight HEM8 bringing the same amount of looks prevention into the larger “hybrid/universal” fit of your dos.5, whenever you are becoming also easy to wear.