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17. Shouko Komi – Komi Are unable to Communicate

Arcueid Brunestud is the heroine out of Tsukihime, in addition to the desire with the label Moon Princess. Arcueid Brunestud 's the White Little princess of your Genuine Forefathers. Brunestud was bestowed to those Real Ancestors with the capacity of manifesting the Millennium and certainly will most likely be considered a royal vampire.

I have to recognize which i has actually something for blond comic strip vampires. The wonderful people vampire princess has actually brief blonde hair as a result of this lady shoulder and you may vivid red attention. Their legendary attire try a long-case white shirt, much time reddish top, and you will black sneakers. She also and it has a respectable Age-mug boobs.

Let us start with a nature that individuals imagine a modern vintage – Shouko Komi. So it gorgeous senior high school lady and it has shiny much time black tresses, a slim and balanced system tone and an absolutely pleasant deal with.

Sadly, our worst Komi features a capture in the form of tall societal anxiety, stuttering, and you can interaction difficulties.