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Mafia (below Disc): Meyer Lansky (mafia kingpin over one another Gicanca (Chicago mob manager) Sam Trafficante Guiterez di Spadafora (Italian Mafia movie director off Permindex) John Roselli (Giacanas Los angeles Lieutenant) Jack Ruby (Jewish individual, Marcellos surgical)

Skulls and Bones: William Bundy William Buckley Averill Harriman McGeorge Bundy George Bush William Bissel Richard Helms Henry Cabot Hotel

CIA: Lee Harvery Oswald Howard Search Honest Sturgis (alias Honest Fiorini) David Ferrie (plus struggled to obtain Marcello) Number George DeMohrenschildt Clay Shaw Allen Dulles William F. Buckley Jr. Henry Luce George Plant James Jesus Angleton Virgilo Gonzales Age. (password identity Eduardo) Bernard L. Baker (code name Manly) James McCord Eugenio Martinez Albert Osborne (and additionally Good.C.C.C.) Harry Dean Richard Circumstances Nagell Ronald Augutinovich Fred Lee Crisman Richard Helms Jim Braden (was a student in Dealey Plaza because the a radio son) Lucien Sarti otherwise Frenchy Man Gabaldin Jerry Patrick Hemming Sergio Aracha Smith (anti-Casto Cuban) Barry Seal Felix Rodriquez (in it also in Watergate and Iran-Contra) William Harvey Theodore Shakley (went Procedure Mongoose)