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Heavy Metal

Whenever a customer product safety incident occurs, end users will start to panic and keep an extra eye on every product they purchase. Since paint is an indispensable product in every household, its product safety is a great concern. However, as paint often comes with the interior or as the coating of furniture and wood floor, end users usually do not pay close attention to its product safety. Many of end users may ask how do we choose a safe paint? Let us start by discussing the eight heavy metals that may contain in paint. To ensure that the paint does not contain the eight heavy metals, the end product must undergo a series of evaluations and testimonials. Moreover, to double ensure end products meet the product safety requirements, paint manufacturers must be cautious when selecting suppliers, inspecting raw materials, and packing.

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Waterborne Paint

Our waterborne products can achieve the properties of traditional solvent based products and are suitable for many applications and operational conditions.

Solvent Based Paint

In terms of performance, we are able to provide premium products such as high gloss, leveling and other quality requirements.

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