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Back at my friends and family, Bob Jones are Harvard, and i try a local star to get acknowledged. Men and women i heard about which went to Bob Jones wound-up lifestyle a happy, Christian lifestyle. In fact it is every We ever desired, in any event.

The institution Happy Me. However, this one believed clean. Folks during the Bob Jones knew Christ, in addition they all of the wanted what i need--in order to serve the father and you may meet him as time goes by inside paradise. Specific backsliding rabble-rousers groused due to the fact Bob Jones is enclosed by black colored shaped-iron fences and also you failed to leave university without consent. However, our very own direction leader in hopes you that people gates were there to save evildoers aside. We made sure to stay to your "pink" sidewalks (females only) and you will averted the latest "blue" sidewalks as if they certainly were scattered having land mines.

Interracial matchmaking was blocked

The fresh new campus was a rigorous complement four thousand people--structures was in fact close so there was basically few open places. But that has been a great; they made it easy for the faculty and you can staff to determine problems. The fresh prettiest place try the fresh inflatable fountain at the school's entry. It had been a calming lay, too--new school's founder, Bob Jones Sr., try tucked to the small area during the that avoid.